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Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Making better choices, even if they're not perfect, can make a difference. By choosing biodegradeable, or plastic-free, or recycled materials instead of single use, throw-away virgin plastics, you can help create demand for these cleaner options. It may seem overwhelming, but try making one small change at a time. You may choose to use bar soap instead of liquid with all its packaging. Or, carry a reusable shopping bag ...Or, plant your own seeds for the garden... To make some of these choices easier, we've gathered together over 50 sustainable living ideas, and we plan to keep adding more! Perfect for making your home greener and ideal gifts for the 'eco warriors' in your life!

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  1. Arch Support Eco Jandals
    Arch Support Eco Jandals
    SKU: 88000
    The Best Jandal Ever!
  2. Eco-felt Tote Bag
    Eco-felt Tote Bag
    SKU: 80072
  3. Ethique Palm Oil-free Soap
    Ethique Palm Oil-free Soap
    SKU: 95075
    Generous 120g size!
  4. hover
    Blunt Fold-Up Umbrella
    SKU: 80048
  5. New Zealand Design Cotton Napkins
    New Zealand Design Cotton Napkins
    SKU: 80112
  6. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
    Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
    SKU: 80171
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