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Offer began 1.40pm NZT Thursday 28th May and ends Midnight NZT Thursday 4th June 2020 and applies to available stock only.

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  • Midnight NZT Thursday 4th June 2020 = 8am EDT = 1pm BST.
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  1. Silk Sleeveless Top
    SKU: 10001
  2. Noble Wilde Possum Merino Crossover Sweater
    SKU: 30030
    USD$139.00 40% possum rich!
  3. Sheepskin Slipper Mules
    SKU: 50413
  4. Silk Sleep Separates - 3/4 PJ Pants
    SKU: 10204
  5. Silk Sleep Separates - Camisole
    SKU: 10205
    USD$39.95 25% Off
  6. Silk Sleep Separates - PJ Top
    SKU: 10206
  7. Women's Bamboo 3/4 Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20011
    USD$24.95 SAVE 10% when you buy 2!
  8. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ Top
    SKU: 20205
    USD$24.95 NEW in "Blue Green" & "Duckegg"
  9. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ Cuffed Pants
    SKU: 20206
    USD$32.95 NEW in "Blue Green" & "Prussian Blue"
  10. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ 3/4 Pants
    SKU: 20207
    USD$29.95 NEW in "Blue Green" & "Duckegg"
  11. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - Henley Nightie
    SKU: 20208
    USD$37.95 NEW in "Duckegg"
  12. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ Singlet
    SKU: 20209
    USD$19.95 NEW in "Duckegg"
  13. Bamboo Cuffed Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20012
    USD$32.95 NEW in "Prussian Blue"
  14. Merino-Tec Lifestyle Hike Socks
    SKU: 40719
  15. Merino-Tec Health Socks
    SKU: 40720
  16. Royal Merino Off-Set Stripe Sweater
    SKU: 40108
    Special Price USD$125.00 TO CLEAR Regular Price USD$159.00 TO CLEAR
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Items 1-16 of 216

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