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Beautifully soft and easy care, this premium quality, spring, summer or autumn (fall) knitwear is made in New Zealand from “combed cotton”. An extremely soft and strong, high-end cotton, the combing process removes the 'prickly' short length fibres and straightens the remainder.  This produces a stronger, finer and smoother yarn, ideal for wearing against the skin. Knitted into european-inspired styles by Optimum Knitwear, a high end knitting establishment in Auckland, it’s durable, easy care and does not shrink.

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  1. Optimum Cotton Tulip Dress
    SKU: 26007
    Special Price USD$119.00 20% Off Regular Price USD$149.00 20% Off
  2. Optimum Cotton Striped Back Top
    SKU: 26008
    Special Price USD$59.95 25% Off Regular Price USD$79.95 25% Off
  3. Optimum Cotton Swing Back Top
    SKU: 26010
    Special Price USD$76.00 30% Off Regular Price USD$109.00 30% Off
  4. Optimum Cotton Multi Stripe Button Split Top
    SKU: 26009
    Special Price USD$89.00 25% Off Regular Price USD$119.00 25% Off
  5. Optimum Cotton Sleeveless Top
    SKU: 26001
    Special Price USD$48.95 30% Off Regular Price USD$69.95 30% Off
  6. Optimum Cotton Textured Hoodie
    SKU: 26000
    Special Price USD$119.00 TO CLEAR Regular Price USD$169.00 TO CLEAR
  7. Optimum Cotton Short Sleeved Striped Top
    SKU: 26005
    Special Price USD$81.00 25% Off Regular Price USD$109.00 25% Off
  8. Optimum Cotton Short Sleeved Top
    SKU: 26006
    Special Price USD$64.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price USD$99.95 TO CLEAR
  9. Optimum Cotton Bird Cardigan
    SKU: 26002
    Special Price USD$109.00 TO CLEAR Regular Price USD$155.00 TO CLEAR
  10. Laundry Bag
    SKU: 10999-BAG-OS
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