Merino-Tec Performance Hiking Socks

Highly technical socks, for men or women, with in-built cushioned comfort, specifically designed for hiking, trekking and backpacking all year round.

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Men's and Women's Sizes

S - UK 3-5 = NZ & Aust Men's 3-5 = USA Men's 4-6 = NZ & Aust & USA Women's 4-7 = Euro 35-38
M - UK 6-10 = NZ & Aust Men's 6-10 = USA Men's 7-11 = NZ & Aust & USA Women's 8-12 = Euro 39-43
L - UK 11-13 = NZ & Aust Men's 11-13 = USA Men's 12-14 = NZ & Aust & USA Women's 13-15 = Euro 44-46

Highly technical, mid-calf height, Merino midweight hiking sock suitable for men and women

A technical sock, with in-built cushioned comfort, specifically designed for hiking, trekking and backpacking all year round. The Elastic Support System gives a snug, customised fit with no bunching or ride down of the sock. Merino wool offers moisture management, odour control and softness. The Merino is knitted on the inside so you get the full benefit of this natural fibre against your skin. Guaranteed comfort and protection when you live life on your feet.

Made in New Zealand from 50% NuYarn (45% Merino wool with 5% Nylon), 27% elastane and 23% nylon for added stretch, strength, durability and shape retention.


  • Comfort Zone cushioning strategically placed throughout for ultimate protection and comfort
  • Flex panel allows for movement without bunching
  • Added reinforcing to high impact areas
  • Seamless toe closure for comfort
  • Left and right construction for anatomical fit
  • PaladinTM protection pad at top of foot
  • 3 x 1 Rib high stretch locking cuff
  • ESSTM (Elastic Support SystemTM) technology: high stretch elastic is knitted throughout the sock, for support and to lock the sock in place


About NuYarn

NuYarn is the result of a unique patented technology that enhances the way Merino performs. Traditionally spun yarns twist fiber for strength. Twisting exposes fiber ends which produce the prickle factor in wool fabrics. Twisting also squeezes out the natural air cushioning of wool and takes away the ability to modify fiber structure within the yarn. NuYarn utilises a core yarn and non-spun technology that creates unique fiber structures along and around the core. NuYarn’s ability to manipulate the direction of wool fibers within the yarn ensures that fiber ends are shaped in the same direction as the rest of the yarn so there are no prickly ends rubbing against the skin and allows it to preserve wool’s natural insulating air cushion creating an extremely soft yet durable yarn. NuYarn terry cushioned socks have been extensively tested by researchers at AgResearch Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand (WRONZ) accredited lab. The results: a “Blister Free Sock”.


About Merino Wool

New Zealand produces some of the best Merino wool in the world. Merino wool is much finer than traditional wool making it smooth against your skin and more comfortable to wear. With many more fibres contained in the fabric it traps more tiny air pockets and locks in body heat. Merino wool is highly breathable and it wicks moisture away from your body, releasing it into the air. This helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in hot.

The natural properties of Merino wool make it odour resistant, another big advantage over synthetic fabrics. In very wet conditions, it will absorb up to a third of its weight in water without feeling clammy and retains some of its warmth even when very wet.


Care Directions

Please follow those on the packaging. Machine washable in warm water with a gentle detergent. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

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