New Zealand Babycare Sheepskin - Play

These longer wool sheepskin rugs make a great familiar space for baby while they are learning to explore and move. The only rugs to be grown, sourced, designed and hand finished entirely in New Zealand.

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Snuggly and Soft - perfect for 'tummy time' and play...

These longer wool sheepskin rugs make a great familiar space for baby while they are learning to explore and move.

Every rug is natural and unique.

  • Colour: Natural White
  • Natural Size - Approximately L80cm+ / 31.5 inches+ x W55cm / 21.6 inches
  • Wool Length: Natural - 40-50mm / 1.5-2 inches
  • Machine Washable
  • Play rugs come packaged in an organic cotton duffel bag. Product information and care instructions are included.
  • See also available: Babycare Sheepskin Sleep – with shorter wool, and Babycare Sheepskin Move – designed to fit most buggies

Sheepskins for Baby

Pure wool is a gift from nature and a healthy, safe addition to your child’s environment. Wool is highly breathable, hygienic and insulating. Sheepskin rugs help your baby to regulate their temperature, keeping them from overheating or getting too cold. The fine wool allows air to circulate around baby and has been shown to have a calming effect. Naturally nurturing and soft to touch, babies just love them, as do their families! Available in short and long wool, our rugs are versatile and can used for sleeping, play and as a comfort layer for travel.

A Uniquely New Zealand Story

This range of Baby Sheepskins is made from hand selected New Zealand lambskins. They are the only baby sheepskin rugs grown, sourced, designed and hand finished entirely in New Zealand. Natural materials are sourced from local farms and selections are based on quality, softness and size. The rugs are tanned and finished in a locally-owned facility in the North Island city of Napier. The tanning process is organic, chrome-free and no harmful chemicals are used such as formaldehyde or arsenic. They adhere to the Swiss Sanitized® standard, which is an added barrier assuring you that no bacteria and odours will develop. Production follows the strictest New Zealand regulations to meet safety and sustainability standards.

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